Fuel Social Media to Drive Social Media Traffic

These days there are so many options to convert traffic to your website, from organic marketing such as blogs, to Adwords, the one that you need to be using is social media!

Social Media is massively important for web traffic, guaranteed some of your potential customers will be on social media. Social media can be powerful in converting quality traffic, as all your potential customers are usually on SM to network, and not to buy, therefore chances are if your content is engaging, your potential customer will be more receptive and more likely to click through.

Another reason why if, social media is done right can convert your traffic, is that you can improve your SEO rankings through using social media meaning you are more likely to be clicked on as you will appear higher in the search results due to using relevant, engaging social media.

The first thing you need to do is choose which platform that you are going to be post on, the main three being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wether you use all three is entirely up to you, or wether you use something different like siena webo a Chinese social network to entice your target market ( eg. if you run an english/Chinese speaking school in england)

The next way to drive target is to ensure that all your content is engaging, and relevant so that your target audience will be interested in your content and will click through to your links as they want to know more. Make your audience intrigued.

There are many more ways to drive traffic to your website through social media including targeted ads, using links to the blogs on your website where people can read more about you and give them a reason to keep revisiting, using good images like a picture of a new pair of trainers that are being released if you are a shoe shop, using a call to action so that people can see clearly what you are asking them to do, another good one is using billy to create custom links that relate to all your posts.

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